The Turda Piers

The Turda Piers (Cheile Turzii) – protected area; located 6 km far from Turda; 1.300 m long and 200 m high walls; surface of 324 ha; they were formed by the erosion of the Jurassic limestone rock dued to Hășdate river; a rare wild landscape: high and steep cliffs, sharp ridges, stone towers, rocky dales. Over Hăşdate stream there are four bridges. At “The Severed Stone” (historical monument located near The Romans Spring) there was, during the roman period, the main quarry of the Potaissa city.

You can find here over on thousand species of plants, animals, butterflies, birds or fish.

There are about 50-60 known caves, generally small in size (the largest has 123 m).

On of those caves was one a hideaway for a local outlaw who fought in the riot against the Austrians.