The Daffodil Glade

The Daffodil Glade (Poiana Narciselor) – Negrileasa – protected area since 1995; located in The Ore Mountains, East from Balcoi Peak (1348 m), between Negrileasa Valley and Groza Valley. The daffodil glades are on the north-west slope of Buciumani Hill, at 1.150 to 1.250 meters altitude. After a small interruption, they continue on the S-E slope of the Vâlcoi Peak. It`s a 45 hectares reservation. You can get to the glade following DN 74 Alba Iulia – Abrud, on DJ 107, to Bucium. From there, you take the village road to Negrileasa Valley, then a forest road to the limit of the reservation. Another way is from DN 74 Alba Iulia – Abrud to Feneş village and then, in the Feneş Valley, 10 km to Feneş Piers and, after another 15 km, on a forest road, you get to The Daffodil Glade.

The legend: They say that in the old times, there was a Magic bird that flew one a year from far away to these mountains in order to announce the feasts of the year: once, it stopped at the Negrileasa meadow, at sunset, to rest after the tiring flight. It was the time when the sheperds were preparing dinner, around the fire and one of them, an older one, saw the bird and called his friends to catch it, so that they can use its feathers to decorate the hats. The Magic bird, being very tired, waited for the shepherds to come close to her and spoke wisely, using words they could understand:

„I know you want to take my life, for my feathers, to use them for your hats, but if you will spare me, I shall fill these glades with my feathers and they will rise more beautiful every year, so that you and your children and nephews shall have the adornment of my feathers”.

Hearing those wonderful words, the shepherds spared the bird`s life. She flew away and stopped only to The Hen Mountain. She did not forget to shake off the magic feathers, so that, to this day, in these glades, you can find the beautiful daffodils each summer.