The Litlle Church Cave

The Litlle Church Cave (Peştera Bisericuţa) – located in Sfârcea village, near Întregalde, on the north-west border of Ciumerna Plateau, 15 m below its level, in Galda stream basin. The entrance, NV oriented gives access into a 15/10 m, 4 m high hall. It continues with a Z form corridor into a new hall. Here you will find the first formations: stalactites, colums, montmilch. What`s intereseting is that all walls are covered in leopard skin. There are darker brown spots on yellow background, formed by water crystallization on the wall. This phenomenon is less studied. Alter another corridor we get to the Back Hall, with parietal dark leaks. On the left, there`s the Black Shaft, giving access to a little hall and on the right there`s a narrow shaft to The Hall of Bears. Those two halls are connected under the main gallery.

This cave was inhabited from the Neolithic. During the Middle Age, it was used as shelter by Ciumerna shepherds and, in times of bereavement, as a church, therefore its name. Also, Ursus speleus kulls and bones were found here.