The Craiva Stone

The Craiva Stone (Piatra Craivii) – here you Hill find the Dacian Fortress of Apoulon, a spiritual centre of dacian people. It is nearby Cricau, 20 kilometers Norh of Alba Iulia City; on a huge rock, a strategic location, 1,083 meters high. Buit on the foothills of The Trascau Mountains, between the Cricau Valley and Bucerea Valley, it was the last to be conquered by the romans, in Dacia.

It is a spectacular location and you must see it. After archeological research, here were found stone based sanctuaries, similar to those in Grădiştea Muncelului; the specialists could not establish the beginnings of this dacian place; supposedly it comes from the King Rubobostes period; it was built during the time of Decebal.

The fortress is a subject of fantasy stories with giants. The natives know legends that say that this location hides huge fortunes, sealed with heavy slabs and guarded with locked doors that open only once in seven years.