Iezer Lake

Iezer Lake – Ighiel – On the old roman road, Via Magna, nearby Ighiu village, you climb to Ighiel Tarn, national protected area that is located in the south part of Trascău Mountains. It`s a natural formed lake surrounded by a dense forrest that „gives color” to the water, depending on the season. The lake is 450 m long and around 150 – 200 m wide, a surface of 5.26 hectares. Here the Edelweiss (Leontopodinum alpinum) has a special importance and you can find it on a sunny slope, on a bare rock. You can arrive to this location following DN1, between Alba Iulia and Teiuş, to Galda de Jos and then Ighiu şi Ighiel or from Zlatna exit, from DN74, to Ighiu. A part of the 10 km distance from Ighiel to the lake you will travel on a forest road. The lake can be included in a mountain tourist trail, with visit to karst plateau Ciumerna, Găldiţa Piers, Turk Piers and Întregalde Piers.