Rimetea – The Szekely Stone

Rimetea – The Szekely Stone (Piatra Secuiului) – limestone massive that “dominates” Rimetea village, a bare and alongate rock, divided in two by a ravine (therefore, from May to September, the Sun rises here twice for the people living on the North side of the village). The North part of this massive, the shorter one is named „The Trascău Fangs” and here are the ruins of a medieval fortress. The karst relief has intense cracking lines and over 15 small caves (only three of them are over 15 meters long), located on the upper side of the steep.

According to a local legend, the name of The Szekely (German) Stone comes from the fact that in XIII century, the local german people took refuge in this mountain, in order to escape from the Tatar attack.

Rimetea is located 24 km far from Aiud, 7 km form Buru, 25 km from Cheile Turzii and 28 km from Turda. It is connected to the national road network through county road DJ107M, that begins at Norh from the national road DN75 (south limit of Cluj county) and gets to DN1 (E81), ath the south part, in Aiud. The county road DJ107M crosses both villages (Rimetea and Colţeşti), having on its distance all the tourist landmarks in the area.