The Roman Baths of Cetea

The Roman Baths of Cetea (Băile Romane de la Cetea) – the popular name comes from the natives, it represents a series of four waterfalls of different sizes, having small lakes of running water on their base; hollows in the rocks (marmite) are less known landmarks; the waterfalls have a 35 de meters slope, 50 meters long, heights between 3 and 10 meters; the largest one can be passed only with special equipment.

The Cetea Piers (Cheile Cetii) – formed on the intersection of Cetea Valley and a limestone block, sectioned after erosion in four „stones”, known as: Sandiţău (on the left), then, on the right – ”the Sasa Stone” (Piatra Saşa) – it looks like a tales giant severed its top, ”Ţicuiata” – having a “bump” on its peak and ”Măriuţa” (Little Mary); the area is preferred by those who like to paddle in a canoe.