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The Turda Piers

The Turda Piers (Cheile Turzii) – protected area; located 6 km far from Turda; 1.300 m long and 200 m high walls; surface of 324 ha; they were formed by the erosion of the Jurassic limestone rock dued to Hășdate river; a rare wild landscape: high and steep cliffs, sharp ridges, stone towers, rocky dales. […]

Turda Salt Mine

Turda Salt Mine – named also “the underground paradise”, a large number of tourists prefer this location, after it became a modern one; it is located near Turda (Cluj) and it was modernized in 2010; it is a salt mine network and an important centre of treatment and recovery, due to its salted air inside. […]

The Alba Carolina Fortress

The Alba Carolina Fortress – both tourists and locals agree it`s hard to describe in a few words everything you can find here and they also agree one should see it at least once in a lifetime; after restoration, the fortress became the second national location recommended by tourists in România, on TripAdvisor; it has […]

The Daffodil Glade

The Daffodil Glade (Poiana Narciselor) – Negrileasa – protected area since 1995; located in The Ore Mountains, East from Balcoi Peak (1348 m), between Negrileasa Valley and Groza Valley. The daffodil glades are on the north-west slope of Buciumani Hill, at 1.150 to 1.250 meters altitude. After a small interruption, they continue on the S-E […]

Rimetea – The Szekely Stone

Rimetea – The Szekely Stone (Piatra Secuiului) – limestone massive that “dominates” Rimetea village, a bare and alongate rock, divided in two by a ravine (therefore, from May to September, the Sun rises here twice for the people living on the North side of the village). The North part of this massive, the shorter one […]

Valisoara Piers

Valisoara Piers (Cheile Vălişoarei) – natural protected area, in Rimetea basin (maximum altitude – 779 meters, minimum of 425 meters), in Livezile village; they are crossed by county road 107 that unites The Mures Valley (Aiud) to the Aries Valley (Buru) and they are located aprox 15 km far from Aiud, 15 km to Buru, […]

The Litlle Church Cave

The Litlle Church Cave (Peştera Bisericuţa) – located in Sfârcea village, near Întregalde, on the north-west border of Ciumerna Plateau, 15 m below its level, in Galda stream basin. The entrance, NV oriented gives access into a 15/10 m, 4 m high hall. It continues with a Z form corridor into a new hall. Here […]

Iezer Lake

Iezer Lake – Ighiel – On the old roman road, Via Magna, nearby Ighiu village, you climb to Ighiel Tarn, national protected area that is located in the south part of Trascău Mountains. It`s a natural formed lake surrounded by a dense forrest that „gives color” to the water, depending on the season. The lake […]

The Craiva Stone

The Craiva Stone (Piatra Craivii) – here you Hill find the Dacian Fortress of Apoulon, a spiritual centre of dacian people. It is nearby Cricau, 20 kilometers Norh of Alba Iulia City; on a huge rock, a strategic location, 1,083 meters high. Buit on the foothills of The Trascau Mountains, between the Cricau Valley and […]

The Turk Piers

The Turk Piers (Cheile Turcului) – together with the Little Galda Piers (gates) form a natural reservation; sculpted keys in Jurassic limestone with steep slopes, high pointed peaks, towers, ridges and isolated rocks; forests: beech, sessile, bushes and brier; meadow and rock flowers, red fescue (Festuca rubra).